Clobotics Smart Retail is the first real-time AI enabled retail intelligence platform in China.

Clobotics Smart Retail is a computer vision technology based solution aiming to significantly improve retail sales execution and boost sales results. It also empowers the user to stay competitive by leveraging insightful visualized market data and analytics. The intelligence data that Clobotics Smart Retail provided includes commodity information analytics, sales execution compliance & audit, assets management, etc.

Clobotics Smart Wind, driven by on-boarded computer vision and autonomous-fly drones will enable companies in the wind power industry to achieve digital transformation through first-hand operation management in a meticulous manner.

In contrast to traditional methods of wind turbine inspections, Clobotics Smart Wind offers a more stable, higher resolution, more comprehensive, and more cost effective solution to retrieve high quality images of the blades.

In addition, with the onboard AI technology -- computer vision, Clobotics Smart Wind can detect the tiny cracks of the blades and filter the data by severity. It will track the blade damage over time and enable wind farms to further improve operational efficiency throughout the wind turbine life-cycle.

Vision+Wind Power

Clobotics’ Drone Data as a Service (“DDaaS”) allows telecom carriers to extend their LTE network to UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) customers with an integrated E2E solution that offers customized modules, network and platform.

Commercial-drone customers are now enabled with centralized management of drone assets, flight management beyond visual range, autonomous data collection, analytics and optimization. The platform supports LTE multi-network integration and adopt standard module interface. With massive machine learning, object detection and computer vision technology, Clobotics significantly raise the reliability, security and efficiency levels of the commercial drone industry.