Drone Architect
Type: Industry Professionals
Date Posted: 2017.12.01




1. Build a team of top software and hardware engineers to develop software and hardware solutions for key UAV markets

2. Lead overall drone autonomous system development including algorithm development, hardware implementation, software development, integration/testing, strategic manufacturing, data analytics, and services

3. Manage technical relationships and interface with key partners, universities, etc

4. Develop technology strategy in conjunction with business development, marketing/communications, regulatory development, IT, customers, etc.


1. Master's degree in Robotics, Automation, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or Software Engineering

2. Minimum of 8 years' experience or a PhD degree with a thesis in applied robotics or related areas and 4+ years' experience

3. Experience working in a technology start-up, particularly focused on robotics systems, UAVs, UAV software/services. Strong willing to join a startup

4. Experience working with multi-disciplined teams integrating hardware (e.g. LIDAR, IMUs, cameras, etc.)

5. Domain experience in robotic systems, non-inertial navigation, guidance/planning, or other related fields

6. Demonstrated track record managing complex development projects or teams requiring software and hardware integration

7. Experience with C++, Python, OpenCV, OpenCL, CUDA

8. Experience with Matlab/Simulink and integration of code generated from such tools with other systems (e.g. within ROS)

9. Experience with the development of real-time software architectures (Development environment: Linux (Ubuntu), QT)

10.Experience in developing, implementing and testing novel algorithms for autonomous systems

11.Design and implementation of complex (distributed) software architectures

12.Deep understanding of software/hardware integration considering issues such as time synchronization, data communication over a variety of networks, interaction between device drivers and high-level algorithms, memory management, etc

13.Experience with machine learning packages (TensorFlow etc), implementations on embedded systems (FPGA, Raspberry PI, Arduino boards) are plusses.

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