How It Works

Clobotics IBISTM Drone-based Inspection

  • Step 1

    Step 1

    Blades stop in fixed position

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Drone activates with the press of a button

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Computer vision module begins working

  • Step 4

    Step 4

    Inspection complete in 25 minutes

  • Step 5

    Step 5

    Data is transferred to IRIS back end

Clobotics Blade Inspection Service combines our Intelligent Blade Inspection System (IBIS™) drone with our Image Recognition and Insights System (IRIS™) back end to offer the best combination of safety, quality, speed and cost on the blade inspection market.

Clobotics IRISTM Backend Platform

  • Step 6

    Step 6

    Stitches images for complete blade view

  • Step 7

    Step 7

    Identifies defects and assesses variety

  • Step 8

    Step 8

    Locates and sizes each defect

  • Step 9

    Step 9

    Generates initial inspection report

  • Step 10

    Step 10

    Manages full product life cycle

Clobotics Blade Inspection Service Benefits

  • Safe

    No work at heights required

  • Fast Capture

    IBIS(TM) drone offers completely autonomous inspection from start to finish

  • Fast Report Turnaround

    IRIS(TM) back end system automatically processes images and identifies defects

  • Outstanding quality

    Capture defects as small as 1mm x 3mm

  • Cost Effective

    Opt for Drone as a Service and have your technicians conduct the inspections

Wind Turbines Inspected Worldwide

Point of View

Making The Case for More Frequent Blade Inspections

By Wout Ruijter, Principal Engineer at Clobotics

All of us who love wind power know that the key to continued adoption is the relentless pursuit of lower costs on two major fronts: initial capital cost and ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs. At Clobotics, our mission is to digitalize, analyze, automate and predict to empower our wind customers to lower maintenance costs and increase annual energy production (AEP).

Turbine blades turn out to be crucial in this mission both because they represent one of the largest categories of maintenance costs, and because their condition has a direct impact on how much energy the wind turbine can produce. While sensor data and information from the turbine’s Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system can provide clues about a turbine’s blade condition, there is no substitute for a visual inspection.

Making Inspection Case Imaage

Clobotics Wind Service (Europe and China)

Digital Blade Repair

Clobotics Digital blade repair, a revolutionary methodology for supporting and documenting a craftsman's work. By using the state of the art technology for assessing the blade condition and documenting electronically the entire blade repair process, Clobotics digitalizes the entire workflow and enables the effective use of artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce both the time and the cost of maintaining WTG machines. The blade repair process is digitalized via our app and supports the repair crew with procedures, work instruction and guidelines during the blade repair. The app ensures that all processes are being followed and documented seamlessly.

Clobotics digital blade repair is based on merging state of the art technology, inhouse training and quality management. It features a seamless monitoring and management of the entire workflow and cost of blade repair campaigns.

Clobotics Wind Service (Europe and China)

Additional Wind Services

Beyond our blade inspection and repair services, Clobotics offers a number of other services to help our wind asset owner customers including:
1. Internal blade inspections by robot
2. Structural inspection of foundation and offshore structures
3. Training of repair techs
4. Turnkey offshore inspections combining drone and robot technologies and including vessel charter and logistics
5. Wind Turbine blade cleaning by drone

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