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POV: Making the Case for More Frequent Blade Inspections

All of us who love wind power know that the key to continued adoption is the relentless pursuit of lower costs on two major fronts: initial capital cost and ongoing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs. At Clobotics, our mission is to digitalize, analyze, automate and predict to empower our wind customers to lower maintenance costs […]

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POV: The case for open standards around blade inspections

Today practically all utility scale wind turbines are equipped with SCADA control systems. This has, in turn, paved the way for the advent of Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS), which have seen rapid adoption in recent years. All of this means that data is being generated and used extensively in the operation of and maintenance planning […]

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Clobotics Drone as a Service

View our 2-min overview video of the new offering, download our brochure and contact us when you’re ready to move forward!

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POV: Why Clobotics believes that 1+1=3 when it comes to automating blade inspections

As the wind industry matures and the market for external blade inspections continues to expand, automating this essential task is crucial to cost effectively gaining the insight needed to guide maintenance activities and optimize energy production. At Clobotics, we believe that only by investing in automation on the front end and the back end, can […]

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Clobotics Blade Inspection Service One-pager

Download the one page (front and back) summary of the features and benefits of our signature blade inspection service.

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Clobotics Retail Insights as a Service (RIaaS) Overview

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Clobotics Intelligent Blade Repair

Watch this brief video overview and download our brochure to read more about blade repair services available in Europe from our Denmark office.

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Clobotics Blade Inspection Service Overview

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Case Study

Drones with brains and shelves with eyes — digitalizing the physical world

In the wind energy sector, the usual way to inspect wind turbines is to send a five-person team up each tower. The technicians use ropes and harnesses to make their way up and down the blades, which could be from 40 to 80 meters long. They visually inspect each one while dangling as high as 100 meters above the ground. Given that these are obviously windy conditions, it’s a dangerous activity prone to accidents.