"See" your product in the store 24x7

Our full range of hardware-software solutions enable you to see the offline store with identical data granularity and speed as an eCommerce platform. We strive to provide you with a complete view of your points of sale so that you make faster and more confident decisions.

Why Customers Choose Us

  • Speed

    Obtain in-store image and data in as short as 10 seconds, take action on the spot

  • Accuracy

    Computer vision recognition trained by a neural network and deep learning results in accurate read of products at the SKU level

  • Scalability

    Cloud based image recognition and data processing set almost no boundary to the amount of store visits the system can support

  • Insight

    Compute, organize, aggregate and present data in the way that consumer packaged goods (CPG) clients analyze the market

  • Cost-saving

    Reduce the most labor intensive store visit time by 2/3, attain wider store coverage with the same size of task force

Our customers are global brands

Retail Insight As A Service


Measure product distribution such as on-shelf availability, out-of-stock and product assortment in a store.
Instant insight on availability ensures your product is at the consumer’s fingertips during the very short time they make a purchase decision.

Retail Insight As A Service

Shelf Analytics

Study, measure, and optimize shelf to make your product presentation impactful and convert browsing to purchase
– share of visible inventory
– share of linear space
– real-o-gram
– plan-o-gram compliance
– feed .psa file for shelf planning

Retail Insight As A Service


Shelf price is so critical and execution has to be perfect:
– price tag presence
– price compliance
– price gap to key competitors
– regular vs. promotional prices

Retail Insight As A Service

Branded Asset

Track and optimize brand invested coolers, freezers and other in-store assets:
– location
– temperature
– activeness (e.g. door activity)
– purity
– stock level
– plan-o-gram compliance
– offtake

Retail Insight As A Service


Companies spend huge amounts on promotional investment and yet it is hard to understand execution efficiency due to its short-lived nature. We collect and process in real or near-real time to report promotion execution:
– Presence and type of point of sale material (POSM)
– Special display quantity and quality

Retail Insight As A Service

New Product Detection

Be the first to know when your competitors launch new products and packaging:
– pack level recognition to identify both new SKUs and variations of the same SKU
– pack evolution study
– searchable image library

Our Customer Tools

These are the IoT devices and software we use to gather the in-store data that powers our solutions.

Retail Execution Assistant

Retail Execution Assistant

Retail Execution Assistant (REA) - Clobotics' revolutionary and user friendly app supports the majority of smart devices on the market. The software collects all in-store scenes including the main shelf, special display, cold vault and other point of sale materials. It then sends this information to our Image Recognition & Insights (IRISTM) backend, processes the data and returns results in as fast as 10 seconds, enabling immediate action.

SmartView<sup>TM</sup> Cooler

SmartViewTM Cooler

Coolers, as valuable assets and critical to sales and marketing, are often hard to "see" once distributed to the point of sale. Clobotics SmartView brings every cooler door to the merchandiser. Our patented offtake model links execution and results allowing our customers to improve sales for every door open.

SmartView<sup>TM</sup> Freezer

SmartViewTM Freezer

Freezer stock level and purity are hard to predict as they are highly dictated by the weather and the catchment area. Clobotics SmartView Freezer solution helps our customers "see" their coolers at any time and receive replenishment suggestions based on our computer vision enabled stock level report.

SmartView<sup>TM</sup> Shelf

SmartViewTM Shelf

Main shelf out-of-stock and plan-o-gram compliance continue vexing retailers and frustrating consumers. Clobotics SmartView Shelf solution alerts our customer in real time to sold-out items, misplaced SKUs, and missing price tags by taking images at designated intervals. Reconstruct your perfect shelf and delight your shoppers.

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