Founded in November 2016 by software industry veterans, Clobotics is a computer vision technology company with offices around the world.

Clobotics’ end-to-end solutions combine computer vision, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and data analytics software with different hardware form factors, including autonomous drones, mobile applications and other IoT devices. Our solutions help companies automate time-intensive and often dangerous operational processes, increasing efficiencies and improving business performance through the use of real-time, data-driven insights and analysis.

We are currently serving enterprise customers in the retail and wind power industries. We are proud to have industry leaders such as Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, General Electric and Vattenfall as our partners. Recently, Clobotics was named to the CNBC Upstart 100 List. In the latest BloombergNEF report on computer vision, Clobotics was also highlighted as an important computer vision solution provider for the industrial sector.

Clobotics Values

Our employees are spread around the world, but Clobotics builds culture and connections through an emphasis on our values. We look for these qualities when we interview potential employees, we recognize them in our daily work and we reward them during our regular performance reviews.


Always asking questions and seeking a deeper understanding


The glass is always half full for "Clobotiators!"

Growth, Resilience, Instinct, Tenacity (GRIT)

We are big fans of Peak Learning's AQ measure and GRIT framework

Meet a Clobotiator Series

Alex Poulsen - Inspection Technician

Alex grew up in Esbjerg, Denmark. He began working for Clobotics doing data handling, but soon found himself flying drones and conducting inspections all over the world. Alex is inspired by the challenge of doing something better each time he attempts it.

Meet a Clobotiator Series

Claire Chen - Chief Operating Officer

Claire knew from the time she was three years old that she wanted to be a business woman!

Meet a Clobotiator Series

Tianyi Pan - Computer Vision/Machine Learning (CVML) Engineer

Tianyi was all set to be a film maker and then AlphaGo beat the world's best Go player and he was inspired to make a change.

Meet a Clobotiator Series

Lisa Emily Petersen - Video Editor

Lisa is our itinerant video editor, making amazing video content for Clobotics as she travels around Europe in her "little blue van."

Company History



George Yan, Claire Chen, Yan Ke and Zhao Li found Clobotics as a computer vision company.



Initial $5 million of capital raised.



Launch of initial Windspector blade inspection service.


Clobotics lands first contract with Coca Cola in China.



Windspector v2 releases to market

Mar / Aug


Clobotics acquires AtSite and FineTune adding European and Wind expertise



Clobotics launches v3.0 of blade inspection service, passes 9,000 turbines inspected worldwide



Pre-B investment round raises $64MM.



Clobotics Wind Services launches v4.0 of our Clobotics IBIS drone.

Join the Clobotics Team

Clobotics is a technology and mission driven company that is always looking for people inspired by our journey and interested in joining us.

Clobotics Investors

Recent News

In the Press

Clobotics completes $30MM capital raise to fund continued acceleration of business results

Shanghai/Seattle/Denmark – Clobotics announced today that the company has completed its Series Pre-B-4 capital raise and received an additional $30 million of investment towards its goal of “turning sight into insight” for customers in the wind and retail point of sale industries. Clobotics uses computer vision technology to help customers in two industry verticals: For […]

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In the Press

Clobotics acquires Danish Blade Service to tap wind repair market

October the 28th, 2021 – Clobotics today announces, through its wholly owned subsidiary Clobotics Denmark ApS, the acquisition of Denmark-based Danish Blade Service ApS (“DBS”), a leading independent wind turbine repair solution provider serving customers across Europe. It is the third acquisition Clobotics has made in Europe since 2020 and marks a significant milestone to […]

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In the Press

Five Key Takeaways from NRF 2020 Conference

According to a Japanese proverb, “the customer is God.” Yet God’s needs and temperaments are constantly evolving. As must retailers. The annual National Retail Federation provides a huge platform to showcase new solutions and gather industry movers and shakers to predict and shape the retail future. This year’s National Retail Federation conference featured approximately 2,000 exhibitors. It […]

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In the Press

Clobotics acquires Finetune to strengthen capabilities in blade expertise and turbine data analytics

Today, Clobotics, announced acquires FinteTune adding significant blade repair and data analytics capabilities to the firm.

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