Clobotics offers cost effective and flexible blade inspections using the autonomous Clobotics IBIS™ drone-based system. We deliver inspections in a safe and efficient manner. The innovative IBIS™ system ensures scalability for large volume campaigns as it inspects all turbine brands and types without any advanced setup or human intervention. 

Our global presence as well as our Drone as a Service offering enable potential savings in mobilization and labour costs, allowing customers to reach the best possible combination of cost and quality for their visual inspections. 

After the inspection, the results are shared in our intuitive online portal where users can view results and generate customized reports. The portal access can be shared with stakeholders for planning and transparency in repair campaign execution. 


With our 10-year track record in offshore inspections, companies often choose us to perform their offshore blade inspections. We customize each project according to local settings, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) regulations, weather forecast and asset brand/type. 

We perform inspections from the client’s own vessels or charter suitable vessels for each project where drones are launched directly from the vessel deck. Vessels are chosen to optimize environmental impact (fuel consumption) and the overall project. By choosing the right vessels we ensure a high success rate and extremely low inspection time. 

Drone inspections directly from the vessel mean extremely high cycle time and a safer operation as no technician has to transfer to the turbine. 

Clobotics IBIS™ is one of the fastest and most efficient drone systems on the market and is therefore the optimal solution for offshore turbines where downtime and asset utilization are extremely important.

Insource your Inspections

Remote locations and unpredictable weather demand flexibility when accomplishing wind turbine blade inspections. Clobotics’ Drone as a Service (DaaS) offering delivers by enabling your personnel to accomplish the job using our push button IBIS™ drone technology. Gain flexibility and avoid the travel, CO2 emissions and weather downtime expenses associated with mobilizing contracted inspectors. 

Continued development of our Clobotics IBIS™ drone technology has led us to a new milestone. We are now able to train your personnel to inspect wind turbine blades with the press of a button, offering an unprecedented level of autonomy and flexibility to your blade inspection jobs. 

Clobotics has developed a training program which can be tailored for technicians with different skill sets. The comprehensive training course takes two days and covers all that is needed for a licensed drone operator to perform inspections confidently, safely, and efficiently. 

Become a Partner

As a Clobotics DaaS partner, your organization will have access to the most advanced technology ensuring a competitive advantage in competing for inspection business. DaaS partners will continue to receive the latest innovations backed up by a Clobotics office in their region. 

Your technician will perform inspections and upload data. Within 3-5 days your data is ready for your engineers to comment on, or directly share with your client via a co-branded cloud-based portal as well as custom-generated reports. 

We perform training either in our regional office or at your premises. The 2-day training will ensure that your technician and engineers can perform inspections, maintain equipment and deliver data to your clients in days. 

All partners are different and therefore we tailor each partner plan so it fits the needs and requirement for your business and country. 

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