Wind Turbine Tower Inspections

As part of the maintenance of wind turbines, the tower’s exterior can be inspected periodically with drones. We have performed thousands of high-precision inspections of steel, concrete and hybrid towers, as well as nacelles. 

Clobotics captures the entire exterior surface using a high-resolution camera with accurate metadata. This enables us to analyse and deliver an overview of defects in our online IRIS™ web portal, which includes highlighted observations, defect categorization as well as the location and size of defects. The client may view the data online or export customized reports for further planning and repairs. 

We can combine tower and nacelle inspections with blade inspections to deliver a competitive and safe way of generating an overview of the entire asset. 

Offshore Foundation Inspections

Offshore foundations should be inspected and maintained on a regular basis. Drones are the perfect versatile tool for inspecting foundations that often are uniquely designed for a specific wind park. 

Over the last decade, Clobotics has developed systems and work procedures to perform safe operations directly from the vessel. As part of the inspection, we capture high-definition images and perform accurate post processing. We present observations and labelled defects in our online IRIS™ portal. 

The inspections are performed by trained drone pilots that often combine foundation inspections with tower and blade inspections. 

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