Proactive Blade Maintenance

At Clobotics Wind Services, proactive blade maintenance is a no-brainer.

Our fully autonomous drones provide an efficient overview of all sides of all blades. After the blade inspection, the high quality images are automatically made available for easy online viewing. Our blade experts can make repair recommendations based on the data and our in-house team deals with all logistics.

By implementing proactive blade maintenance, wind park owners can detect and repair blade damage before it becomes a significant problem. This can not only save on costly repairs but also help to improve the overall performance and lifespan of the turbine.

Wind turbine blades are subject to erosion over time due to environmental factors such as wind, rain and temperature changes. If blade damage is not detected and repaired promptly, it can lead to major problems like blade failure, which can cause severe damage to the turbine and result in lengthy downtime for repairs.